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Mutual Mentoring Start-Up Program

We would like to see trial programs across Canada in which promising students are paired with older people with contextual expertise and provided with an opportunity to start a business, with state support through the provision of space, legal advice and accountancy, preferably in a startup incubator-like space. This would give both young people the opportunity to start a business and work with people who have long term experience, and would support older people who want to start a business but don’t have the up-to-date skills required. If a business fails there would still be a measurable benefit from skill transference and generated ideas; if the business succeeds then it would create jobs for all parties involved at the fraction of a cost of long term welfare, and potentially continue to grow.

Businesses created through the mutual mentoring start-up program would be required to provide information on their abandoned projects and failures along the way to build a growing online library of unrefined ideas for other participants in the program.

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